Love Lives Here Poster Merle and Erica Von Kliest

Merle ad Erica Von Kliest on stage at the CRUSH Lounge,
performing for "Love Lives Here" Benefit.

Merle and Christian Johnson at the Craggy Range

Christian Johnson (original member of the Mission Mountain Woods Band)
and Merle, Jamming at the Craggy Range.

Merle Robinson At McGarry's  Merle Robinson At McGarry's   Merle Robinson At McGarry's

Merle Performing at McGarry's to a packed house

Merle at McGoughs - Ladies Night Out

Merle Performing At McGough's - Ladies Night Out

Merle at Glacier Vista Center

Merle Performing at Glacier Vista Center

Merle and Michael Jamming   Merle and Randy Jamming

Merle Jamming with Michael and Randy

Merle at McGarry's-St Patricks Day

Merle performing at McGarry's - St Patricks day 2014)

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